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New Holland Extraction offers specialist equipment and expertise in seed oil extraction on a toll basis.

Toll extraction is the service provided when a customer supplies their own seed or material from which they require the oil extracting. The extraction company processes the seed or material; the seed cake and oil produced remain the property of the hiring company and the toll extraction company is paid for their services.

As one of the few niche small scale seed oil toll extractors in Europe we offer a highly specialised service. We can extract oil by either cold pressing or hexane extraction or a combination of the two methods depending upon the commercial considerations such as product, price, the required content and end use of the oil and time scales for production. We select an extraction process which will offer our customer the most value from their product.

If you have an extraction requirement please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

okeyFlexible okeyCost effectiveokeySoil Association approved
okeyFSSC certifiedokeyBatch sizes 5 to 500 MT

Prior to production we make an assessment of your seed or raw material. For this we require a 1kg sample which we test for purity, moisture, oil content, acid value and if required the fatty acid profile.

The method of extraction will be selected based upon our customer’s requirements.

We will confirm when we can accept delivery of your seed in readiness for processing. Seed in take can be in bulk, 25kg bags or large tote bags as agreed with the customer.

During processing the oil, seed cake and meal are tested twice a day for oil content and in the case of solvent extraction, the hexane content.
We have on site filtering and polishing facilities, after which the oil can be packed in IBCs or drums. The seed cake and meal can be packed in large tote bags or bed delivered in bulk as required. If necessary, NHE can make arrangements for the disposal of the meal or seed cake.

Our customers benefit from our flexible, cost effective service which negates their requirement to maintain production facilities, hire labour and ensure regulatory compliance. Our Toll Extraction service gives our customers access to a first class, accredited manufacturing facility allowing them to focus on their core business.

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